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Remodeling & Renovation Services

House and Building Remodeling

Remodeling can give your kitchen a fresh updated look. It can give your growing family the space it needs. Remodeling can transform your ordinary bath, into a luxury bath. It can transform a dreary, too small room into a beautiful living space. And now more than ever it can be all of this and still be a good investment.

Although your personal tastes should factor into the project you choose, you may also want to take into account what a possible buyer might like. According to industry experts, “Kitchen & Bath remodels, and family room additions recoup most of your costs when the home is sold.”

Whether you are looking to add a new outdoor living area or remodel your interior living space, S.A. Sullivan Builders can get the job done. We always provide our utmost attention and are fully involved with every project from design through finish, assuring you are completely satisfied. Whether you need to remodel a staircase or an entire room, your first call should be to us. No matter how large or small your project needs are, we will deliver the best service in a timely fashion with the knowledge and personal care you expect and deserve.

S.A. Sullivan Builders - providing for homeowners/owners expectations and meeting those guidelines.

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Renovations & Additions

Your home is a reflection of yourself, your family and your lifestyle. When the time comes for an extreme renovation of your home, you need a designer and remodeling contractor with the same impeccable standards you have. One who exhibits a fine sense of design; blends modern architectural technology with old-world craftsmanship; and who treats your home, and YOU with respect.

The first step in a successful renovation is a well-thought out design that is tailored to your needs. Extreme renovations require the integration of existing structures to the new structures. This process requires plotting the original design, mapping out upgrades, changes and additions to the most intricate detail, and integrating any new structures. Through this process we meticulously blend old and new while achieving a simple goal, make your extreme renovation process easy and minimize any disruption to your every day life.

Do you want your extreme renovation to be an efficient construction project that stays within budget and is completed on time? It is possible? Yes it is with S.A. Sullivan Builders on the job.

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