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Our Mission

To provide the fastest response times, highest quality of service, and most thorough communication to our Homeowners in time of distress, resulting in peace of mind for our Homeowners and performance that sets the industry standard.

To relieve our homeowners of the formalities of restoring their homes and lives after devastating losses, through the execution of our four core principles:  Timeliness, Communication, Quality, and Compassion.

Operating Principles
  • Truth - Ensuring future trust by accurately reporting past facts
  • Timeliness - Responding to the needs of Homeowners in a time frame that is suitable to their needs
  • Communication - Effectively exchanging pertinent information with Homeowners, addressing their needs and concerns, while building a strong interpersonal rapport
  • Quality - Performing workmanship to the highest industry standard.  Focus on continual improvement.
  • Compassion - Sharing in the suffering of Homeowners after a loss, while illustrating our desire to improve the situation
  • Efficiency - Always striving for proficiency, while keeping complacency at bay
  • Organization - Maintaining a healthy working environment
  • Achievement - Reaching our respective goals and raising expectations for future goals
  • Growth - Focusing on development, not only of the company, but also the employees



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